Beer scoring silly statistics 2018

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February 21, 2018 by donoughshanahan

Now that the good beer guide pubs and pub of the year competitions for Swansea CAMRA have been completed, it is that time of year again to give some statistics.


Courtesy of Isle of Mann CAMRA

When anyone scores a pub or its beer via Whatpub, I can download the scores via a central CAMRA website. This gives me the details including pub, beer drank, beer score, membership number, date etc. This makes calculating a ranking list possible. I have made my calculations more robust this year but the effect on the proposed ranking was marginal. I have also used the official CAMRA spreadsheet as a comparison. This might throw up some unusual results, but this year it proved pretty tame. It backed up the proposed ranking.

So now for the silly statistics:

  1. This year we have approximately 600 scores from 65 different CAMRA members.
  2. Around 25 local members input scores during the year.
  3. We have scored 81 pubs this year. We currently estimate that there are about 104 real ale pubs in the Swansea branch.
  4. There are 40 pubs that have had at least 3 visitors. Most of the pubs scored have been scored in different seasons giving a view on seasonal consistency (depending on number of scores).
  5. 376 of these scores are associated with Swansea branch and 31 with Neath & Port Talbot. Most other scores are Welsh in origin.
  6. Members from 37 other branches have contributed scores. The largest “non-local” branch contribution is from Shakespeare branch.
  7. The scores from visiting branches by and large match conclusions from branch scores.
  8. The first half of the year is where we do most of our scoring surprisingly.
  9. Apparently we like trudging around pubs and scoring in January as nearly 1/8th of all our scores can from this month. As expected scores around festival time in August, are much depressed.
  10. Beers from at least 145 breweries are represented. Welsh breweries or large national brewers dominate the top 10.

The number of scores is slightly down from last year but the number of scorers and pubs visited are both up. I would like to have more local branch members scoring.

Thanks for scoring, and keep them coming. POTY and cPOTY to be announced shortly.


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