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November 3, 2016 by donoughshanahan

The selection for entries in the GBG around the country is underway once again.WhatPub-beer-mat

Well in reality, it has been ongoing throughout the year. So far this year, Swansea CAMRA members (as well as a small few visitors from South Wales,  Manchester & Stockport etc) have managed to visit 46 real ale pubs and log nearly 400 beer scores using Whatpub or the nbss scoring system (you can also hand me scores at meetings or via my email). Scoring continues for this year until the January meeting. If there are pubs in your area that may not have a lot of visits, get in there and rate the beer (link to how to). You may also ask me if I think certain pubs needs more scores.

But now, we must start thinking ahead regarding the  final selection process. At the next CAMRA meeting in November, it will be proposed that the section process takes place in the January branch meeting. This usually takes most of the meeting. This meeting will have to be in an enclosed or private area and any member can attend.

The proposed format will be

  • I will ask non members and those with ties to the pub trade to kindly leave.
  • I will ask all to not discuss the results of the meeting.
  • I will present the results from the scoring database over the last year and hand out the results.
  • I will propose that pubs with a rating below a certain point to be immediately discounted.
  • I will announce the top 15 (or so) pubs and propose that they be selected for entry into the GBG.
  • I will propose that the group present then discuss the next 7 (or so) entries to the guide, giving advice on pubs that have had many scores etc. The group will then discuss the merits of 10-15 pubs to fill the final 7 spaces and reserve.

The meeting will continue until all allocations are filled. At any stage, members present at the meeting can interrupt for clarification and give their views and advice on pubs. In this way the views from the scoring system gets vetted by a good section of branch members and a list is created using as many views as possible.

As always, the process is open for discussion.

At this stage (I am not sure exactly on dates), I may also ask people to select the Swansea pub of the year (I will clarify at the November meeting). This process is much simpler with nominations requested from the floor (or in advance). A voting process similar to instant run off is used, so as to select a winner. While the winner from last year can be included,  in the shortlist, it not allowed to win as per branch rules.

Happy scoring.

Next Swansea CAMRA meeting is on Monday, November 21 @ 8pm in The Woodman, Blackpill.

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