Festival beer list and tasting notes 2018

Serving beers at last year's festival.

We have got 111 beers from 68 breweries for your delectation this year for Swansea Camra’s annual Beer & Cider Festival from 23rd-25th August at the Brangwyn Hall.

All 111 beers are listed below with their tasting notes, so you can plan your campaign in advance.

We have sourced the best brews from all over the UK – many never before seen in this area.

Please note, beers are subject to alteration at the last minute. Beers are also subject to availability – and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

You can see the cider and perry list here.

For more information about the festival, click here

B = Bitter, BW = Barley wine, G = Golden ale, M = Mild, PA = Pale Ale, PS = Porter/stout, S = Speciality, SB = Strong bitter V = Vegan, GF = Gluten free


9 LIVES, Ystradgynlais, Wales

Pale Ale                                       4.7%                 PA
A light amber pale ale with citrus hop aroma and tropical fruit flavour. Smooth hoppy taste with a dry bitter finish.

ADNAMS, Southwold, Suffolk, England

Southwold Bitter                        3.7%                  B
A copper-coloured beer, late hopped with Fuggles for a distinctive, lingering hoppiness as well as Black and Crystal malts.

BIG BOG, Speke, Liverpool, England

Hinkypunk                                 4.1%                     PA
A well hopped beer with no less than 7 different hop varieties. Intense citrus notes and an incredibly pale colour.

Quagmire                                  6%                        SB
Strong but easy drinking. Mid-brown in colour with a medium to high bitterness from the Wye Challenger and Fuggles hops.

BIG HAND BREWING, Wrexham, Wales

Bastion                                      4.2%                     B
Crisp, balanced best bitter. European and British noble hops create an easy drinking beer with a classic finish.

BLUE MONKEY, Giltbrook, Notts, England

Infinity IPA                               4.6%                      PA
An infinitely satisfying golden ale brewed with Citra hops from the USA. CAMRA Champion Golden Ale of Britain 2017. 

Guerilla                                      4.9%                     PS
A hearty pitch-black beer full of malty complexity balanced by a robust bitter bite.

BRAINS, Cardiff, Wales

Atomic Blonde                           4%                          PA
Hoppy blonde ale brewed with Pale Ale and Lager malts and hopped with Citra, Amarillo, Summer and Mosaic. Tropical fruit aromas lead to flavours of peach and sweet grapefruit with a balanced bitterness. 

BRANSCOMBE VALE, Seaton, Devon, England

Mild                          3.7%                        M
Bitter sweet mild with vanilla flavours and a smell of vanilla and almond. 

BRASS CASTLE, Malton, Yorkshire, England

Hazelnut Mild                           4.2%                         M
5-malt nut brown mild giving gentle coffee notes, with a touch of added hazelnuts.

BRECON BREWING, Brecon, Powys, Wales

Gold Beacon                              4.2%                         G
Deep golden ale brewed with Progress and Pioneer hops for a soft yet well-defined bitterness, which balances the blend of malts. 


Fortitude                                    4.0%                         B
A beautiful amber colour, with perfect balance between finest English Maris Otter malt and classic Southern English hops; malty, clean, moreish.

Milk Stout                                 4.5%                         PS
Full-bodied Milk Stout with smooth chocolatey sweetness and balancing coffee bitterness with hints of dark fruits.

CERDDIN, Maesteg, Wales.
(This microbrewery is based in a village pub called the Cross Inn, which is also the CAMRA Vale of Glamorgan and Bridgend branch Pub of the Year 2018).

Solar                                         4.0%                          B
Reddish in colour and flavoured with bramling cross hops to give a blackberry after taste. This microbrewery is based in a village pub called the Cross Inn.

COACH HOUSE, Warrington, Cheshire, England

Blueberry                                  5%                             S
A traditional pale bitter with a light bitterness infused with the flavour of Blueberry.

ELLAND, Elland, West Yorkshire, England

Beyond the Pale                  4.2%                               PA
Pale golden bitter brewed with English and German style malts for a rich flavour. A mix of three hops give a strong citrus aroma and a dry pleasing finish.

White Prussian                   3.9%                             S
A crisp, pale straw coloured beer made from lager malt and German hops. A fruity flavour with a floral, spice and citrus aroma from Perle and Mittlefruh hops.

HARBWR TENBY, Tenby, Wales

Caldey Lollipop            4.5%                                 PA
Hoppy American-style IPA with hints of pine and grapefruit. Maris Otter hops and Cara Gold malts creates its golden copper colour with a generous blend of German Magnum, American Mount Hood and New Zealand Wimea hops.

RFA Sir Galahad           4.6%                                B
A blend of British and German malts provides a complex malt character with a rich ruby red colour. Four different hop varieties provide cedar, grapefruit and floral aromas.


CHURCH END, Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

Goat’s Milk                                3.8%                          G
2017 CAMRA Supreme Champion Beer of Britain. Pale barley, crystal malt and oats blend give a flavourful palate. Aromatic hops dance gently over the tongue.

GLAMORGAN BREWING, Llantrisant, Wales

Jemima’s Pitchfork           4.5%                                G
Crisp pale brew with Chinook, Eldorado, US Cascade and Bramling Cross hops producing undertones of citrus, pear and melon.

GOWER, Crofty, Swansea, Wales

Gold                               4.5%                                G
Thirst quenching golden ale, refreshing citrus flavours and the lovely aroma of Cascade hops.

Lighthouse                   4.5%                                S
A light thirst quenching continental style lager packed with flavour.

Power                           5.5%                                 PA
Traditional IPA with a full hoppy flavour. A smell of hedgerow fruits and a rich, malty and sweet taste.

Rumour                        5%                                    SB
A strong ruby red ale, with complex tastes and aromas, produced from a delicate mix of malts and hops.

Shipwreck                    5.1%                                 G
An easy drinking golden ale. Using only malted MarisOtter barley and two hop varieties to give a light bitter touch, a fresh citrus aroma and a warming malty finish

Supergold                    7%                                     G
A mellow, easy drinking, limited edition gold beer — deceptively strong.

MUMBLES, Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

Bock (V)                               6%                            S
Styled on 19th century German Winter Lagerbiers. This combination of German malts has a deep mahogany colour and a rich fruity malt base and is delicately hopped using a noble German hop.

Hopkick (V)                         4%                             PA
This light blonde session beer uses American hops for a gorgeous aroma and flavour.

Weiss (V)                             5.8%                          S
A classic German style Wheat Beer made with German malts and hops. This naturally cloudy beer has spicy overtones and is full of banana and apricot flavours.

OAKHAM, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

Bishops Farewell                4.6%                            B
A golden, premium beer with a smooth, malty background, rich and fruity hop flavours
and a refreshing finish.

Citra                                    4.2%                             PA
Light gold in colour, bursting with citrus and tropical hop flavours and sensationally refreshing. The original UK Citra.

ST AUSTELL, St Austell, Cornwall, England

Proper Job                   4.5%                                PA
A powerfully hopped golden IPA, packed full of citrus, pineapple and grapefruit resinous flavours, brewed with a single malt from Cornish Maris Otter Pale barley.

TATTON, Knutsford, Cheshire, England

Tatton Best                   4.2%                              B
A classic light amber coloured best bitter with a clean malt flavour and fine hop character derived from a blend of aroma hops.

Black Mountain             4.9%                              PS
A Kentucky bourbon oak-aged porter.

Epiphany                       3.7%                              PA
Pale and hoppy.


COLD BLACK LABEL, Bridgend, Wales

Nutty Ale                                  5%                             S
Welsh Nut Brown Ale, hopped with Fuggles and Goldings and fermented with a Belgian Abbaye yeast for added flavour and depth.

CONWY, Llysfaen, Colwyn Bay, Wales

Rampart                                  4.5%                           B
Dark malty ale. Flora aromas followed by long lasting malty finish with hints of burnt caramel.

DANCING DUCK, Derby, England

Dark Drake                             4.5%                           PS
Malty, caramel and licorice flavours combine in a velvety, oatmeal stout with a freshly roasted coffee and toffee finish.

DARK STAR, Horsham, West Sussex, England

Hophead                                3.8%                             PA
Clean-drinking pale golden ale with a strong floral aroma and elderflower notes from the Cascade hops. Full-bodied and full-flavoured yet gentle enough to make it a favourite session beer.

DARTMOOR, Princetown, Devon, England

Jail Ale                                   4.8%                             B
A full-bodied, deep golden-brown beer, with a well-rounded flavour and a rich, moreish aftertaste.

DAWKINS, Bristol, England

Foresters Black                     4.8%                             PS
Light smoky, rich and full flavoured oat milk stout with deep red fruit and coffee tones.

ELECTRIC BEAR, Bath, England

Inspector Remorse (V)        4.7%                            PS
A classic London style Porter, smooth, dark and beautiful.

Above the Clouds (V)           6.2%                             PA
A heady blend of American hops resulting in citrusy aromas. A restrained bitterness paired with a soft-as-a-cloud mouth feel. Unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised.

ENVILLE, Stourbridge, West Midlands, England

Ginger                                 4.6%                             S
Produced using root extract ginger, this has a refreshing flavour which is not overpowering.

FULLERS, Chiswick, London, England

ESB                                    5.5%                               SB
Rich mahogany in colour, the hops impart grassy, peppery notes alongside hints of citrus fruit – while the Pale Ale and Crystal malts bring distinctive biscuity flavours. A multiple champion award winning beer.

HEAVY INDUSTRY, Henllan, Denbighshire, Wales

Collaborator                 5%                                   SB
A dark red beer with a complex, roast malt character from Pale, Crystal and Chocolate malts, sweetness and hints of liquorice, all balanced by a blend of hops that give a spicy, refreshing bitterness.

HOPCRAFT, Llantrisant, Wales

Hazy Blueberry Cheesecake Pale      5%              S
A pale ale dosed with Blueberry puree and Vanilla extract which gives a vivid purple colour and a fruity, vanilla taste which is both complex and interesting, although it’s the colour which is the first draw.

ILKLEY, Ilkley, Yorkshire, England

Mary Jane                                         3.5%                                       PA
Pale ale packed with American hops with surprising body for such a low abv, with citrus aroma and balanced bitterness. Named from the character in the Yorkshire folk song On Ilkla Moor Baht’at. “Hast tha’ been a’cooartin Mary Jane”?

KETTLESMITH, Bradford-On-Avon, England

Stone Angel                                      5.2%                                       S
A medieval ale featuring a complex combination of herbs and spices. A rich but refreshing beer with a vibrant flavour and low bitterness.

LITTLE VALLEY, Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England

Radical Roots Ginger Pale Ale          4%                S
Fresh and light with a gentle taste of ginger and a hint of citrus.

MANTLE, Cardigan, Wales

Hoodwinked                         5%                              S
A take on a classic German lager. Pale malts are balanced by hints of clear citrus and a light bitterness.

Moho                                   4.3%                            PA
A light coloured aromatic Welsh Pale Ale, hopped with two different American varieties.

Rock Steady (GF)               3.8%                             G
Golden Session Ale, with a good dose of British hops for a crisp and refreshing finish.

MARBLE, Manchester, England

Pint                                      3.9%                             G
This dry session bitter has plenty of character from a light malt base carrying a wonderful display of New Zealand hops, notes of citrus and grapefruit.


MONTYS, Montgomery, Powys, Wales

Sunshine                             4.2%                             G
This easy-sipping summer slaker is packed with floral and citrus aromas from the cascade hops and has a distinctive dry finish.

MOOR, Bristol, England

Illusion                                4.5%                            S
Black in colour only. Light and fruity hops with rich malts.

Old Freddie Walker  (V)      7.5%                           BW
A rich dark, full-bodied old ale like liquid Christmas Pudding. With hints of chocolate, honey, dark roasts and liquorice.

Radiance                               5%                             G
Blonde ale with German Brewers Gold hops. If the Germans made IPA it might be a little like this.

NEATH ALES, Neath, Wales

Welsh Amber                      4.5%                           B
A smooth amber ale with a slightly spicy fruit hop aroma and flavour.

NORTH BREWING, Leeds, England

Pinata                                 4.5%                            S
Four different tropical fruits are paired with new world hops. Mandarin and grapefruit peel were used in the kettle and guava and mango added after fermentation, giving a dry finish with soft tropical aromas.

NORTH COTSWOLD, Stretton on Fosse, Warwickshire, England

Hung Drawn & Portered     5%                              PS
Strong, dark treacle-coloured porter, with Bramling Cross hops and a malty finish.

Shagweaver                        4.5%                            G
Sounds a bit naughty but it’s not. Its name is Old English for a Wool Weaver. A pale hoppy bitter brewed with a blend of three New Zealand hops. Appeals to both ale and lager drinkers alike.

OAKHAM, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England

Black Hole Porter                        5.5%                                       PS
Big dark malt flavours combine with a sweet and fruity hop taste to make this strong porter exceedingly drinkable.

ORKNEY, Orkney, Scotland

Red Macgregor                             4.0%                                    B
2018 CAMRA Champion Bitter of Britain. A ruby ale perfumed with hints of spiciness and toasted malts. Rich hop fruits giving way to a clean dry hop bitterness.

PILOT, Mumbles, Swansea, Wales

Pilot Light (V)                                  4.5%                                       S
Bohemian Pilsner malt with Czech Saaz hops, and American ale yeast produce this “bastard” lager. Brewed as a lager, fermented as an ale. (Unfined).

VIPER II (V)                                     6.0%                                       PA
New England IPA, a tropical fruit bowl all from the hops. Oats and wheat are added to the barley to give a generous mouthfeel and seriously hazy beer in the glass. (Unfined).

PIPES, Cardiff, Wales

Bavarian Wheat (V)         5.3%                                S
A Southern German style wheat beer. Brimming with tutti-frutti bananas and cloves. Naturally cloudy, deceptively strong and zippy.

Smoked Lager (V)            5.4%                               S
This smoked lager is produced using Raubchbier (smoked beer) principles from Bamberg, Germany. The crispness of a lager infused with smoked malt.

POMONA ISLAND, Salford, Manchester, England

Stout                                4.5%                               PS
Near black in colour. Plain chocolate and liquorice flavours with some toasty maltiness, leading to a dryish finish.

PURPLE MOOSE, Porthmadog, Gwynedd, Wales

Elderflower Ale               4%                                    S
A refreshing pale ale. Cascade hops are used for aroma, with the added indulgence of elderflowers, creating a floral bouquet and a sweet citrus finish.

Glaslyn Ale                     4.2%                                B
Glaslyn Ale is a golden premium bitter with a sweet, tropical fruit taste. The name comes from the Glaslyn river, which begins among the upper slopes of Mount Snowdon.

Snowdonia                     3.6%                                 G
A golden ale crafted using pale and crystal malts and a blend of aromatic hops giving a citrusy, soft and refreshing taste.

RUDGATE, Tockwith, York, England

Ruby Mild                     4.4%                                 M
Nutty rich ruby ale.

SLATERS, Stafford, England

Haka                             5.2%                                PA
A sweet, New Zealand style pale ale that is dry hopped for three weeks, giving a strong aromatic finish.

ST AUSTELL, St Austell, Cornwall, England

HSD                              5.0%                                       SB
Brewed with plenty of malt and lashings of English Progress and Golding hops. HSD is a classic full-bodied Cornish ale of considerable depth and complexity.

Trelawny                  3.8%                                       B
Full-bodied, malty beer. With a blend of English and South Australian hops giving a delicate apricot aroma, followed by peach and toffee on the palate and a toasted bitter finish.


SWANNAY, Orkney, Scotland

Island Hopping           3.9%                                G
Brewed in Orkney, using pale malt and lots of New Zealand hops to create this hoppy, but still sessionable low strength beer.

Old Norway                  8%                                  BW
Golden in colour with loads of chewy American hops to balance out the sweet British malt.

SWANSEA, Bishopston, Swansea, Wales

Original Wood              5.2%                              SB
Full-bodied, with complex flavours with a firm bitter ending.

Three Cliffs Gold          4.7%                              G
Golden beer, with a hoppy, fruity taste and thirst quenching bitterness.

TENBY, Tenby, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Barefoot                       4.7%                               PA
Pale ale/Pilsner hybrid, single hopped with New Zealand Cascade with 25% pilsner malt. Sessionable and refreshing!

THIRST CLASS, Stockport, England

Stocky Oatmeal             4.9%                           PS
Brewed with nine different malts, smooth with chocolate and coffee notes. 

THORNBRIDGE, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

Strawberry Lucaria              4.5%                   PS
Sweet strawberries are added into the brew giving a Neapolitan flavour!

White Swan                  3.8%                             PA
Aromas of light bitter lemon, a hint of herb and a subtle spiciness. A great session beer.

THREE DAGGERS, Edington, Wiltshire, England

Daggers Ale                 4.1%                              B
Made from floor malted Maris Otter barley from Warminster Maltings and First Gold hops. A bright, golden amber coloured beer with a gentle bitterness. The Three Daggers is a village pub, with its own microbrewery.

TIMOTHY TAYLOR, Keighley, West Yorkshire, England

Landlord                       4.3%                             B
A strong classic ale with a golden amber colour. It has a scent of caramel, light fruits and roasted malt hints. It has won more awards than any other beer, including CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain four times.

TRIPLE FFF, Alton, Hampshire, England

Alton’s Pride                         3.8%                         B
A traditional English bitter. Full and clean tasting, initially malty then tangerine fruit and resinous hop build to a quenching bitter finish.

UNTAPPED, Raglan, Monmouthshire, Wales

Cold Harbour                           6.5%                       PA
Cold fermented, triple Hopped IPA with American hops and then dry hop on lees for even more flavour. A beer that is rich, powerful and hugely complex.

Crystal                                    6%                           S
Refined wheat beer with light banana and orange notes and a lemon citrus nose. 

Triple S Stout                    4.9%                                       PS
A powerful mix of multiple malts give this stout its intense black colour and heady aromas. Amazingly rich, upfront flavours give way to a mellow yet luscious finish, with bags of long lasting hop character.

Tymor         (V)                  7.4%                                       BW
An old style Saison (French Summer Beer) with a massive mouthful of flavour. Unlike the traditional Saison, this is filtered to serve a clear beer with a slight haze….

WEST BY THREE, Llansamlet, Swansea, Wales

DDH Pale Ale                         4%                           PA
A naturally hazy pale ale with a healthy dose of oats and Vermont yeast giving an aromatic and fruity body. Its double dry hopped with Enigma and Simcoe, bringing a blend of berries, grapes and currants balanced with aromas of alpine meadows.

DIPA                                      8%                            PA
Many hops are added to this gentle giant. Ekuanot and Simcoe feature heavily and are backed up with additions of Citra, Enigma and Amarillo. Juicy notes of soft tropical fruit.

WYE VALLEY, Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire, England

Butty Bach                            4.5%                           G
Butty Bach is the Welsh term meaning ‘little friend’. This sweet and smooth burnished Golden award-winning ale, is made from Maris Otter and Crystal malts and locally grown Fuggles, Goldings and Bramling Cross hops.


GREY TREES, Aberdare, Wales

Afghan Pale Ale            5.4%                                 PA
Cascade, Citra and Simcoe hops. Maris Otter malt provides a light colour and dryness to complement the crisp taste and full aroma of the hops.

Black Road Stout          5%                                   PS
Dark, smooth and comforting with delicate roasted flavours and a bitter-sweet aftertaste. Crafted with Marris Otter malt, roast barley, wheat, oatmeal, Goldings Hops.

Caradogs                      3.9%                                B
Copper in colour, with a crisp flavour and a dry finish. Brewed with Crystal and Caragold malt and Challenger and Golding hops.

Diggers Gold                4%                                   G
Alive with fresh citrus aromas which leave a subtle bitterness. Maris Otter Pale Malt, with US hops.

Drummer Boy              4.2%                               B
A best bitter with a smooth bitterness and a fresh fruity finish. Crystal Malt, Bramling Cross and Golding hops.

JPR Pale Ale                 4.7%                               PA
A well-balanced beer brewed with Crystal and Marris Otter pale malts, infused with US Chinook, Cascade and Simcoe hops. This imparts both a citrus aroma and citrus taste.

Valley Porter               4.6%                                PS
Warming and rich with notes of dark fruits, coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts.

THORNBRIDGE, Bakewell, Derbyshire, England

Crackendale                                   5.0%                                       PA
Single hop Citra pale ale explodes with a tropical fruit aroma, giving way to Guava and ripe citrus which burst through on the palate with a bitter and sweet balance.

Jaipur IPA                                        5.9%                                       PA
A citrus dominated IPA, its immediate impression is soft and smooth yet builds to a crescendo of hoppiness accentuated by honey. An enduring, bitter finish.

TINY REBEL, Rogerstone, Rogerstone, Newport, Wales.

Beat Box                       4.4%                               PA
Big floral notes in this American inspired ale. A little bit of pithy fruit and a little bit of grass come through on the nose, with a lingering bitterness.

Cherry Bomb                5%                                  S
Explosively sour, packed full of sweet cherries that round off this modern take on a kriek. The sourness detonates on your tongue in an explosion barely contained by your cheeks, before the rich flavour of cherry kicks in as the dust settles.

Cwtch                          4.6%                                B
Welsh Red Ale. Citrus and tropical fruit dominate the taste that is backed up with caramel malts which balance the moderate bitterness. Six malts, two US hops.

Stay Puft                     5.2%                                 PS
This porter has the classic roasty qualities of a proper dark ale, whilst the marshmallow gives it a smooth sweetness, both combining for a delightful, S’mores-like ale.

XLPA (Xtra Light Pale Ale)    4.2%                      PA
Experimental beer using the newly developed Extra Light Pale Malt that an amazingly light colour. Big American hops are used to balance out the malty base in this paler than pale ale.

TOMOS WATKIN, Llansamlet, Swansea, Wales

Cwrw Haf                               4.2%                       PA
A blend of golding, fuggle and cascade hops. Refreshing zesty, citrus taste and
a light summer aroma.

Gold                                       4%                          G
A clean crisp golden ale with gentle sweetness and mellow aromas of citrus. This is an easy drinking session ale, enjoyed all year round.

IPA                                        4.8%                        PA
Brewed using three different malts, this full-bodied golden beer packs a fruity, flavoursome punch bursting with the irresistible aromas of peach, mandarin and apricot.

Moonshine                             4.5%                        S
A Welsh take on a Belgian wheat beer, brewed using European Pilsner malt and unmalted wheat, with European and US hops and a Belgian Wheat yeast strain. A very pale straw colour and naturally cloudy, with flavours of orange and coriander combined with a slight bitterness and sweetness.

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