Beer scoring silly statistics

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January 26, 2017 by donoughshanahan

camra logo swanseaThe selection for the entry of pubs into the good beer guide should be complete by the time I publish this article. I talked a bit about that process in the previous article. In this article I will discuss how I arrange the results, provide some silly statistics and think about next year. Apologies for missing the meeting but I was building and working at MBCF.

When you score a pub or its beer via Whatpub, I can download the scores via a central CAMRA website. This gives me the details including membership number, beer scores, pub etc. The site also provides me with a rank based on average scores. A small problem, for example a pub with one score of 4.5 would appear above a pub with say an average of 3.35 despite the latter having over 60 scores! Generally pubs with more scores will slide down the average scale somewhat as well.

Now of course you can weed this sort of stuff out by eye, and I have a system for that. However I also perform further calculations and normalise the average scores based on the number of scores and the number of visitors. That means if a pub has 60 scores versus a pub with one score and both pubs have the same average, the one with 60 scores will get ranked higher. Out of this I get three ranking categories. For the last three years, the top 15 pubs of a given year are always in the top 22 ranks for each category (remember we have 22 entries). Thus I cam suggest that the top 15 get automatically selected, given approval of course. Remember we use the scores as a guide for selection and not as an absolute decision. Please contact me if you have any queries.

So now for the silly statistics.

  • This year we have 647 scores from 61 different CAMRA members.
  • At least 30 local members input scores during the year.
  • 397 of these scores are associated with Swansea branch and 59 with Neath & Port Talbot. Beware some Swansea members are not listed in the beer scoring database under the Swansea code for some reason (ongoing issue with central).
  • Local members have contributed most of the scores but 28 other branches have also contributed scores.
  • Surprisingly this year November, December and March have been the most popular months for scores. Previous years had more scores in the summer months. This looks like some scorers getting a rush of scores in after my remainders in meetings and on the blog.
  • There are no surprises when it comes to breweries represented. Two local breweries (Gower and Swansea Brewing co) have the most scores associated with them and 15 breweries make up 57% of all scores.
  • About 140 different breweries are represented in the data.
  • It is difficult to say but at least 220 different beers (likely more due to common names) have been sampled with Swansea and NeathPT members tasting ~200 of these different ales.

I also do not know what most the location codes stand for and I am hoping to get some feed back soon. Interestingly when I compare the two data sets in isolation (local v non local), the scores from outside our local branches by and large match the picture that our own scores create.The non local branch that contributes the most scores is “NOT”. Could be obvious, could be anything. Hopefully I will be able to email my thanks to all.

Going forward I will endeavor

  1. To combine my calculations to get one single measure next year.
  2. Identify all the branches involved and thank those that I can (and those branches otherwise).
  3. Publish quarterly articles next year.

Happy scoring.


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