Mumbles brews are hipster heaven!

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May 16, 2016 by Swansea Camra

Mumbles Brewery's Rob Turner (left) with Rod Undy of Mumbles Ale.

Mumbles Brewery’s Rob Turner (left) with Rod Undy of Mumbles Ale.

Mumbles Brewery is producing a range of unfined beers in bottles that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians – and hipsters.

Brewer Rob Turner has recently moved into new premises on Swansea’s enterprise zone and says his new bottling plant will enable him to produce small ranges of beers to meet specific markets.

A recent Daily Telegraph article described how people – especially so-called hipsters – are becoming increasingly keen to drink unfined beer, not just because it results in a beer suitable for vegans but also because the isinglass (fish bladder gelatine) that is used to fine or clear beer seems to reduce hoppiness as well as yeastiness.

One of Mumbles Brewery’s latest and most popular beers, Hopkick, was on tap in its unfined version at the Mumbles Ale House when owners Rod Undy and Karen McGeoch were given Swansea Camra’s Pub of the Year award recently.

Said Rob Turner: “The last version of Hopkick, I used Cascade as the aroma hop. Rod tried it and suggested adding the Target hop as well. I’ve given it a try and the Target hop has added an earthy, oily foil to the citrusy note of Cascade. I think it’s improved the flavour so I gave him a barrel for the occasion.”

Hopkick (4%) will be one of the unfined beers available in bottles, along with Mumbles Mile (4%), Mumbles Gold (4.3%), Oystermouth Stout (4.4%), Triple Hop Pale (4.7), Lifesaver (4.9%), and India Pale Ale (5.3%).

The bottled brews are all bottle conditioned and have no added sulphur.

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