2015 cider and perry list

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Barnes & Adams: Gloucestershire

Old Parlour cider 6%                         M
Deep golden colour, with a whiff of barnyard, and refined apple taste.

Bayham Court Perry 5%                   M
Crystal clear pale green, tart dryness in finish.

Bridge Farm: Somerset

Perry 6.5%                                          M
Light and cloudy, sweet pear, CAMRA Perry of the year 09.

Butford Farm: Hereford

Organic Perry 7.1%                            M/D
Hazy gold, aroma of light heavy pears, med/dry flavour of pears.

Chucklehead: Devon

Cider 7%                                             M
Orange in colour, apple and barnyard aroma, with full fruit flavour.

Cornish Orchard: Cornwall

Cider 4.8%                                          M
Sweetened with apple juice for a very apple-y finish. 

Perry 5%                                             M
Bright gold in colour, smooth perry.

Dorset: Dorset

Nectar cider 5.5%                              S
Golden in colour, light apple aroma, fresh apple taste, champion Powerstock Cider Festival 2012.

Double Vision: Kent

Impeared Vision Perry 7.4%            M
Hazy yellow, tasty med/sweet pear with dry finish.

Vision in Pink Cider 5.3%                 M
Orange colour, with a heavy apple and strawberry aroma, moderately sweet apple and strawberry taste.

Dunkertons: Hereford

Cider 7%                                             M/D
Dark yellow in colour, nice apple aroma and flavour.

Perry 8%                                             M/D
Hazy yellow, bags of fruit, and a thirst quencher, CAMRA’s2013 gold perry award.

Gammons: Cheshire

Big hands Cider 5.8%                         M/D
A blend of Cheshire grown apples, hand pressed. Crisp, clean tasting with notes of honey and peach.

Glebe Farm: Cambridge

Elderflower cider 6%                         M
Hazy yellow, with apples and elderflower.

Ginger cider 6%                                M
Hazy, apple and ginger aroma, and a warming apple and ginger flavour.

Gower Heritage: Parkmill, Swansea

Mill Cider 7.4%                                   M
Golden colour, with apple aroma, earthy fresh fruit flavour, slight acidic finish.

Fruit Cider 7.4%                                 M
This fruity cider is based on the mill cider above, but with either elderflower or blackberries added. 

Grays: Devon

Cider    6.5%                                      M/S
Hazy golden colour, sharp apple aroma, and sweet apple taste.

Gwatkins: Hereford

Malvern Hills Perry 7.5%                   S
Golden, aroma of pears with sulphur notes, light pear taste.

Gwynt-y-Ddraig: Llantwit Fardre, Pontypridd

Black Dragon cider 7.2%                   M
Matured in oak barrels, rich in body and colour. 

Celtic Warrior cider 5.5%                   S
Golden colour, apple nose, medium sweet honey/apple taste. 

Dog Dancer cider 6.5%                      M/D
Bittersweet apples blended with sharp apples, smooth, crisp.

Farmhouse Scrumpy 6.5%                M
Golden colour, apple aroma, slightly sweetish fruity flavour.

Fiery fox cider 6.5%                           M
Golden cider, fresh crisp sharpness.

Haymaker cider 6.5%                         M
Flavours are sweet apple with hints of caramel, some barnyard notes.

Happy Daze cider 4.5%                      M
A light fruity aroma with a balanced finish.

Pyder 6%                                            M
Blend of apples and pear juice matured in wood. 

Welsh Warrior cider 6%                    M
An oak aged cider, with a fruity taste and mild acidity, produced in aid of the Welsh Warrior foundation.

Two Trees Perry 4.5%                       M
A pale, fruity perry with an aroma of fruit and a hint of honey on the palate, CAMRA’s 2013 silver award.

Hallets Cider: Crumlin, Caerphilly                                   

Hallets Oak cider 6.5%                      M
Oak conditioned.

Hallets Rum cider 6.5%                    M/S
Rum conditioned.

National Treasure cider 5%             S
Sweet cider with delicate fruit flavour.

Hecks: Middle Leigh St, Somerset

Port Wine of Glastonbury 6.5%       M
Hazy golden colour, aroma apple and wood, med/sweet flavour of earthy apples.

Honey & Daughters: Somerset

Milford cider 6.5%                                         M/D
Made from 100% fresh West Country apples, giving you a flavour of traditional Somerset cider.

Merry Moon: Kent

Dark cider of the moon 6%             M
A combination of apples and blackcurrants, which results in a smooth fruity taste. 

Lemon Moon cider 6%                     D
Hazy yellow colour, with lemon and apples. 

Red moon cider 6%                          M
Orange yellow colour, with an apple and sweet chilli aroma, and a warming appley chilli taste.

Middle Farm: E Sussex

Little Red Rooster Pyder 8.4%          M
Orange colour, woody apple/pear aroma, apple/pear tart taste. 

Nempnett: Somerset

Pigglets Choice Perry 5.5%               M/D
Golden colour, with dryish pear fruit, from rare 100 year old trees.

Olivers: Hereford

Shazam cider 6.5%                            M/D
Cloudy orange, with aroma of apples and tart lemon, smooth apple finish.

Rosie’s: Clwyd

Black Bart cider 7.2%                         S
Sweet, subtle rum cask flavour.

Wicked Wasp cider 7.4%                   M/D
Bramley apples, with oak and whisky notes.

Ross-on-Wye: Hereford

Perry 6%                                             D
Hazy yellow, moderate pear and woody aroma with pears in oak taste.

Sheppy’s: Somerset 

Cider 6%                                             M/D
Golden colour, fruity apple aroma, light acidic apple taste. CAMRA cider of the year 2014.

Springfield: Monmouth

Sledge Hammer cider 8.2%               M/D
Pale still cider with whisky notes

Wobbly Munk cider 7.8%                 M/D
Golden colour, fruity flavour, CAMRA’s UK 2013 gold cider award.

Stanford Orchard: Fordton, Crediton, Devon

Shaky Bridge cider 6%                      M
Sheepnose, Yarlington mill, and woodbine, lend a richness to this bittersweet cider, complex, long finish.

Pear-shaped Perry 7.5%                   M/S
Bright, & crisp, Medium Sweet Full Strength English Perry with a classic, aromatic and light character. 

Thirstly Cross: Dunbar

Jaggy Thistle cider     7.4%               D
A dry cider, full bodied, made using wild yeast that’s local to East Lothian.

West Croft: Somerset

Janet’s Jungle Juice cider 6%                       M/D
Cloudy amber in colour, sweet apple juice aroma and a med dry finish, CAMRA Cider of the Year 2007.

West Milton: Dorset

Cider 5%                                             M
Glorious body, rich dark colour, brimming bags of fruit, and CAMRA’s 2013 bronze cider award.

Wilce’s : Hereford

Cider 6%                                             M/D
Amber colour, moderate apple aroma, sweet apple lightly acidic, Runner up cider 2014 of the year.

Wilkins: Somerset

Farmhouse cider 6%                          M        

Golden colour, aroma of apples and wood, nice farmhouse cider.

W.M.Watkins & Sons: Monmouth

Lazy Days Perry 5.2%                        M
Cloudy golden, sharp perry aroma, with a proper pear flavour.

(Compiled by Alan Attwell)

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